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Accounting services

We perform accounting and consulting services for legal entities (Ltd, GP, LP) sole proprietors and other entrepreneurs (tradesmen, lawyers, notaries, doctors), associations and legal persons involved in private law.

You can choose to entrust all or some of your accounting requirements to us.

  • Maintenance of the main accounts (general ledger, journal ledger)
  • Management of analytical records of customers and suppliers (monitoring of assets and liabilities, statements of outstanding items)
  • Management of analytical records on costs and revenues
  • Calculation of remuneration and all records relating to salaries for the Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia and the Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Advice regarding the accounting of travel expenses, bonuses, severance pay, holiday pay, long-service awards, etc.
  • Clearing of other revenues of natural persons: copyright contracts, service contracts, travel costs, etc.
  • Management of records on fixed assets, together with accounting for depreciation
  • Calculation of value added tax
  • Calculation of interest on arrears, printing of reminders
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Preparation of tax accounts and reports, periodic accounting reports and services as required by the business
  • Reporting on international operations with the Bank of Slovenia
  • Preparation of business decisions and acts related to accounting operations
  • Implementation of electronic payment transactions
  • Financial business analyses
  • Control and real-time alerting of accounting irregularities
  • Preparation of documentation for the implementation of specific payment options (e-offsetting assignments, loans, credits, etc.)
  • Notification and alerts regarding changes in legislation and resulting obligations
  • Other accounting and advisory services
  • Enforcement on the basis of authentic documents
  • Preparation of documentation for obtaining work permits, visas, permanent and temporary residence permits, etc.

We also perform tax, business and financial advisory services.

At Port d.o.o. Portorož, we endeavour to optimise your tax obligations.

In addition to knowledge of laws, we also possess other qualities required for the provision of successful tax advice, which will lead to the desired results. A carefully designed company fiscal policy can generate tax savings.

The aim of our tax advice is to create a tax strategy for determining the tax consequences on future business decisions and select the most advantageous decision from a tax point of view.

We cooperate with our clients in planning tax solutions throughout the year, resulting in the most favourable tax burdens under the current tax legislation.

We offer the following tax advisory services:

  • Optimisation of tax balances: through careful planning throughout the year, your business will enjoy the most favourable tax position allowed by law
  • Tax planning for individual transactions
  • Individual tax advice for corporate clients in the following areas: corporate income tax, value added tax, income tax and other taxes
  • Advice regarding tax breaks and the preparation of relevant documentation
  • Individual tax advice for natural persons in the areas of income tax, payroll accounting, etc.
  • Tax advisory services related to the commencement of activities and related assistance in choosing the appropriate legal status of the company, assistance in the cessation of operations as well as business transformation
  • Tax advice regarding the use of company cars and utilisation of benefits
  • Implementation of preventive tax inspections similar to official inspections, ensuring a comprehensive review of your operations from a tax point.